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We're packaging problem solvers.

It can be tough finding a package that not only protects your products, but also offers that fly-off-the-shelf pop with a sustainable message. Is it even possible? Check out our new myth busting series, Sustainability Unpacked, to see if it can be done.
Sustainability Unpacked: Designing with Sustainability in Mind
Sustainability Unpacked: Designing with Sustainability in Mind

Life-cycle assessments

Quantifying environmental impact.

Life-cycle assessment quantifies the resources taken from the environment and the emissions put out into the environment. By taking a holistic approach rather than focusing only on end-of-life, Sonoco captures the environmental impact of every stage in the life cycle.
Sustainability Unpacked: Life-cycle Assessments
Sustainability Unpacked, Episode Two

Now You See It

Increasing Recyclability through Visible Substrates

Can black plastics be recycled? Learn how Sonoco uses a special colorant to detect and properly sort black pigmented plastics to prevent them from ending up in a landfill.
Sustainability Unpacked: Increasing Recyclability through Visible Substrates
Sustainability Unpacked, Episode Three

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