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Tubes & Cores

Tubes and cores experience totalling 115+ years

With more than 115 years experience in tubes and cores, including more than 65 in Australia, we are now the world's leading provider of total converting solutions for customers around the globe.

With 9 industrial tube and core manufacturing locations in Australia and New Zealand, Sonoco is in the right place to provide you with the products you need to support your product and optimize your supply chain. We offer special considerations for the Australasia market, including Australian ID 11.5mm to 1200mm and customisable wall thickness to suit your applications.

We offer specially tailored solutions for many markets. With our long and strong history in the tubes and cores industry, we understand the unique needs of just about any market that uses tubes and cores. Please contact us to learn how we can support your business.


With our Intellicore roll tracking system, using the world's first radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled cores, customers can automatically identify, track and locate their products at any point in the supply chain.

Radial Crush Tester

Sonoco’s patented radial crush tester measures the radial strength of paper cores by simulating the pressures applied during the winding processes of rolled products such as plastic films and textiles. Adopted by the Composite Can and Tube Institute as approved test method T-158, Sonoco’s proven tester is now available to the industry. Learn more


Much of the paperboard used to make Sonoco's fiber cores is from used tubes and cores recovered from customers, and is 100% recyclable.


Sonoco offers tubes and cores for a wide variety of needs and in a variety of materials:


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