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Ezytube is an innovative concrete forming tube that meets the needs of the most demanding large-scale civil projects. Ezytube offers many advantages over traditional construction products, including significant benefits in safety, speed, and ease of use.

Ezytube Products


Create round concrete columns to suit the most demanding of building structures.

From 200mm up to 2400mm diameter columns, in lengths up to 10m, we offer a broad range of round Ezytube column form sizes to suit the unique needs of your building. For large diameter tubes of 1250mm and higher, a polystyrene foam core version is available that will achieve a class 2 finish with a smooth plastic liner. The outside wall can be manufactured to different thicknesses to accommodate different heights and pour rates.

  • Spiral
    A light weight, extremely strong tubing suitable for forming pour-in-place round concrete columns.
  • Plastic Lined
    To achieve a higher standard of surface finish on the concrete column, a durable plastic liner can be inserted within the Ezytube.
  • Pier
    Used for applications where the tube is to be placed in the ground. The thicker walls resist deformation if the soil starts collapsing onto the outside of the tube.
  • Wrap
    For difficult column forming situations where top fitting is not possible, the EzyWrap system can be side fitted.
  • Sloped
    Sloped and Raking Columns are cut on the top and bottom to the specified angle then supported using a unique Ezytube form support system. This can then be integrated with conventional formwork.
  • Tapered
    Our conical tubes are custom designed to meet each customer's requirements.
  • Flat Pack
    Our unique flat pack design allows a round column tube to be flattened for easy shipment of bulk tubes and increased savings on transportation and storage costs. 


Square concrete column formwork allows you to construct square or rectangular shapes with ease.

  • Multi
    Unlike traditional formwork, Ezytube allows you to create a wide range of different architectural shapes including round, square and radius incorporated designs. 
  • Box System
    To achieve a smoother, higher standard of surface finish on a concrete column, an additional thicker plastic box liner can be inserted within the square or rectangular Ezytube.
  • Flat Pack
    Our unique flat pack design allows a square column to be flattened for easy shipment of bulk tubes and increased savings on transportation and storage costs. 


Oval concrete column formwork from Ezytube allows you to be creative with concrete shapes while maintaining costs.

  • Shutter
    The shutter method involves placing a standard Ezytube round Formatube between two timber shutters and squashing the tube to the required width.
  • In Tube
    A simple alternative to the shutter system is the “In Tube” method, which secures plastic coated foam inserts into an Ezytube round formatube.
  • Elliptical
    Elliptical or egg-shaped columns are custom designed to meet each customer's requirements.
  • Wall Ends
    Design requirements for large rectangular columns often require radius or chamfered ends. Our foam inserts are computer cut to ensure accuracy, and the face in contact with the concrete is lined with a form liner to ensure an aesthetically pleasing surface finish with excellent self-release properties.

Custom Shapes

Our team is well versed in 3D software, so we have ultimate flexibility to create concrete column forms of almost any shape, including hexagonal, octagonal, raking, oval, tapered, or something completely customized. 

Yellow Formliner

The Ezytube Yellow Formliner™ product is a revolutionary new innovation which significantly improves the surface finish of form-finished concrete structures. The Formliner is simply and easily rolled out over the formwork surface and held in place with staples and adhesive tape. Steel reinforcing is then placed on top of the liner before the concrete is poured. The Formliner is suitable for use over conventional formply, panels, tables, and shutters, and is frequently used to line soffits, beams, walls, lift shafts, or the underside of balconies.

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Ezytube is ideal for:

  • Walls
  • Stair and elevator cores
  • Concrete column formwork, including top-down construction
  • Concrete pits and tanks


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