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Solutions for the Australasia market

Local knowledge and representation, backed up by global resources

Our deep technical expertise coupled with our i6 Innovation Process gives us the tools to uncover new solutions rooted in experience but grown in creativity. We want to work with you to uncover a solution that meets your needs, fits your supply chain and answers your financial and social commitments.

Image representing Cans


Protect your product and stand out on the shelf with Sonoco's paperboard cans.

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Image representing Construction Tubes

Construction Tubes

A lightweight and cost effective fibre form to provide a fast, versatile method for pouring concrete columns and round voids.

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Image representing Expanded Paper Honeycomb (EPH)

Expanded Paper Honeycomb (EPH)

Sonoco’s EPH void former is constructed from cardboard, with a honeycomb cellular core. The panel will eventually break down, creating a void beneath slabs or beams.

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